Welcome to the Moneroo API documentation.

Moneroo enables businesses to instantly access multiple payment providers primarily in Africa and globally with a single integration. With Moneroo, businesses can give their customers multiple payment options without manually integrating each provider.

This documentation is crafted to offer an in-depth overview of the Moneroo platform and serve as a guide for its integration and usage.

The documentation is structured in a way that first introduces you to fundamental concepts, followed by a deeper dive into the specifics of integration, diverse use cases, and efficient troubleshooting. Welcome to the effortless world of financial transactions with Moneroo where managing both incoming and outgoing payments is effortless, and you can focus on your core business.

Help and Support

Moneroo is designed to provide easy user interaction, but we understand that questions and challenges may occur. Here's how you can access our support:


For any issues with Moneroo integration, contact our support team via email, chat, or phone. We can assist with transaction issues, API calls, or feature comprehension.

Community Forums

Our Slack community is a valuable resource, comprising experienced and novice developers along with Moneroo team members ready to assist you. Check our forums for existing answers before contacting the support team.

Joining the Slack community lets you:

  • Ask questions and get help.

  • Share your experiences.

  • Learn from community members.

  • Receive updates and announcements.

  • Provide valuable feedback.

Join us by following this Slack invitation link. Please maintain respect, patience, and constructiveness within the community.


Your feedback is invaluable in improving Moneroo. We encourage suggestions for new features, improvements, or documentation changes. Provide feedback via the form in your account dashboard or the feedback link in this documentation.

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